RV Camping Near Acadia National Park – Everything You Need to Know

RV camping near Acadia National Park

Undoubtedly, Acadia National Park is among the most beautiful camping spots you can find in the New Hemisphere. However, what should you do to make the most of your time there? This article contains all the information you must know before you plan your trip.

Are you considering spending your vacation RV camping near Acadia National Park? We discussed the most well-known facts, RV camping spots, and the things you can do at Acadia National Park. So, keep reading further to discover the secrets to the best RV camping and making the most of your holidays.

RV camping near Acadia National Park

Facts About Acadia National Park

If you do not already know, Acadia National Park is one of the hidden gems in the woods of the Atlantic coast. It contains almost 47+ acres of land and is home to over 26+ species. You might also be surprised that the name Acadia comes from an explorer who visited the place in 1524.

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Moreover, if you cross 1500 feet on the Atlantic coast, you will come across one of the tallest mountains, the Cadillac mountain. In addition, if you love to hike, Acadia National Park has more than 100 hiking trails. There is so much more to this fantastic place, but we would let you explore the rest of it yourself.

Best RV Parks Near Acadia National Park

We have made a list of campgrounds you must visit during your stay in the Acadia National Park for RV camping. So, do not miss out on these exciting places.

●    Bar Harbor Campground

RV camping near Acadia National Park

If you like taking breaks between hiking and relaxing with a cup of coffee, Bar Harbor is a perfect spot for that. It has a nice ocean side which you can enjoy while you sit back and watch the sunset. The best part is that this campground has a free shuttle service since most people find it difficult to park their vehicles due to large crowds.

●    Timberland Acres Campground

If you are looking for fun activities during your stay, you will love visiting Timberland RV park. It offers several planned activities like swimming, boating, horse riding, and much more. Moreover, you can also relax for a day or two with the yoga classes at Timberland.

●    Seawall Campground

Located near the coastline, Seawall is one of the best places to visit for RV camping. The campground is around 18 miles from the Bar Harbor campground. In addition, you can enjoy campfire rings and nearby hiking trails. If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend time with your friends, go to the Seawall campground.

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park

If you wish to hike and walk around the Acadia National Park, Spring is the best season for you. With constant breeze blowing, you will witness a mild temperature of about 50-70 Fahrenheit. However, it will rain now and then, so pack an umbrella with your stuff.

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During summer, especially in June and August, the place is often overcrowded due to tourists. Moreover, you will experience a thick layer of fog in the atmosphere. Winter is the best season to plan your trip since the park will not be crowded, and the weather ranges from 30-70 degrees. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly.

Safety Measures

When visiting the Acadia National Park, be aware of the ticks. So, we suggest you wear light clothes to spot them easily. In addition, the park is full of tall trees with fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when walking down the trail, always choose to walk in the middle.

Moreover, not everyone likes to hike, and most people try it the first time. However, the trails are long and need a lot of energy so keep water bottles just in case. Since it is about hiking, try to stay with your groupmates and inform them if you leave alone.

If it is your first time traveling to the Acadia National Park, you may need a map to follow directions. It will be best if you do not rely on Google Maps since there are no network services at the top. Also, RV camping needs reservations at least 2-3 months before you visit. Thus, do not overlook these guidelines, so you do not worry at the eleventh hour.

To make sure you are always up and running, consider bringing a portable power station for camping. You can find all my reviews on the best portable power stations here.


Acadia National Park is among the most famous and beautiful spots for RV camping you can tour. However, if it is the first time you have planned your trip, ensure you know everything about your destination. Therefore, we made this friendly guide to walk you through the process.

This article contains the best RV campgrounds near the Acadia National Park. Thus do visit them. Also, do not forget to enjoy boating with your family and oceanside views during your trip. Moreover, follow the safety measures so you do not get in trouble later. Make the most of your visit to the Acadia National Park. Happy camping!

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