BODEGAcooler Portable Freezer 48 QT Dual Zone TWW45 Review

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45

There are plenty of things I like about the BODEGAcooler 48 QT TWW45 portable freezer. The first of which is that it’s dual zone, meaning you can use one side for refrigeration and the other for storing frozen products. Not many portable units offer this facility.

Another thing I like about it is that it offers app control. You can set, monitor, and change the temperature from your phone. Aside from that, its sturdy wheels and retractable handles impress me, considering how easy they make an otherwise bulky unit to carry.

Sure, there are a few areas where this portable freezer has room for improvement. Read on for my detailed thoughts.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45


The BODEGA 48-quart cooler portable freezer offers enough capacity for week long trips and lets you use either of its compartments for cooling and/or refrigeration. You can also set, monitor, and change its inner temperature via the supporting mobile app.

I also love the fact that I can remove and switch the direction of its top-facing door. This enables me to place it in various locations or orientations without being restricted by the hinge side. And the best part about this freezer? A 24-month warranty.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45
  • Volume: 48-quart (45 liters)
  • Ratings: 4.8⭐ out of 35 reviews on Bodega Coolers; 4.3⭐ out of 1403 reviews on Amazon

BODEGA 48-quart Cooler Portable Freezer Review

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x portable freezer
  • 1x 12V/24V DC power cord
  • 1x 100V-240V AC power cord (with adapter)
  • 1x dual zone basket
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x cutting board

Weight and Size

This dual-zone powered cooler freezer weighs almost 48 pounds, which means you might need two people to carry it, even if there isn’t anything inside.

The weight is justified, though, given that it has just enough hard plastic to withstand almost every adventure. Plus, thanks to the retractable handle and two rugged wheels (which keep rolling on almost every surface), you won’t have to carry it in most situations.

Another factor that justifies its weight is the competition. Almost every portable freezer with as much capacity weighs almost the same, with bigger-capacity models weighing heavier. As such, while there’s no doubt that this unit is heavy, so are its competitors.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45


The BODEGA 48-quart TWW45 cooler freezer boasts a rugged albeit user-friendly design. A clear digital display lets you easily monitor the temperature of each zone, while four round grooves on top of the lid let you hold drinks, cups, or other items.

Also, thanks to the removable door whose direction can be switched, you can easily load and unload the contents wherever you are. Aside from that, it comes with a cutting board to help you easily prep food, whether you’re in your car or out in the wild.

On the inside, a drain plug lets you easily clean spills. A removable basket is another feature that I like, considering it helped me dispatch bigger messes without splitting my hair. You also get an internal light to see clearly everything that is inside.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45
  • Volume: 48-quart (45 liters)
  • Ratings: 4.8⭐ out of 35 reviews on Bodega Coolers; 4.3⭐ out of 1403 reviews on Amazon


After using this portable freezer for over a month, I have found it to be a tough customer, capable of withstanding rough use. An injection-molded polyurethane exterior and high-density foam insulation are the primary reasons why.

The former is a material used in making the whole or parts of the outer casings of outdoor grills, portable coolers, poolside furniture, and outdoor play equipment. This shows that PU is suitable for prolonged exposure to weather elements.

As for the high-density foam insulation, it serves two purposes – helping this freezer retain its internal temperature for extended periods and protecting it against scrapes and bumps.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45


The BODEGA TWW45 boasts a spacious interior. A 48-quart capacity enables it to easily hold 66 cans of cola, 12 bottles of red wine, and 37 bottles of water.

It features two independent zones to help you utilize the space on offer. The larger zone, the one on the left, has a stated capacity of just over 34 quarts. While BODEGA states that both compartments can be used for chilling and freezing, I’ve found the left one better for storing frozen items.

That is because the right zone, sized at just under 14 quarts, lets you adjust its temperature from 32*F to 68*F, ideal for beverages but less so for items that require freezing (for which the right compartment, which chills right down to a frigid 0*F, comes in handy).

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45
  • Volume: 48-quart (45 liters)
  • Ratings: 4.8⭐ out of 35 reviews on Bodega Coolers; 4.3⭐ out of 1403 reviews on Amazon

Power Consumption

Another thing that distinguishes the TWW45 from your average portable cooler freezer is that it offers two power modes: MAX and ECO.

The MAX mode is the best choice for scenarios where swift temperature reduction is needed. Per the manufacturer’s estimates, it can deliver temperatures as low as 0*F within a mere 15 minutes.

However, it’s crucial to note that the potent cooling comes at the cost of increased power consumption, meaning you’d have to recharge the battery much sooner in this mode.

Don’t want to do that? Then, the ECO mode might better fit your requirements. In contrast to the MAX mode, which draws 60 watts of power, this one gulps only 45 watts. This makes the ECO mode a better choice for extended camping ventures.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45

Charging Options

Given the fact that it lacks a built-in battery, this portable freezer cooler can be charged via:

1) Standard AC Power

If you’re at home or anywhere where a standard electric outlet is within reach, use the power cord included in this model’s package to crank it up.

2) DC Power

One of the things I like the most about this unit is that it can be juiced up on the fly. Simply connect the (included) DC power cord, and your car’s battery becomes your cooling source.

3) Optional Detachable Battery

Although I didn’t purchase the add-on, BODEGA offers an optional detachable battery when you order this portable cooler freezer. Per its own estimates, the battery boasts 8-10 hours of runtime, making it perfect for weekend camping getaways or daylong trips.

4) Portable Power Bank

While I have nothing against the above charging options, my favorite one has to be hooking up this unit to my BougeRV Fort 1000 power station. I have been able to get a full day of power on occasions when I had fully charged this power station the previous night.

BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45

Other Notable Features

Here are the other stand-out features of the BougeRV 30-quart:

  • Cutting board on the door: The cutting board came in handy when I went picnicking with this freezer cooler in my backpack. It allowed me to chop fruits directly on the cooler without searching for a hygienic, flat surface.
  • Digital display: Unlike other coolers I have used over the years, which forced me to peer into the unit and wonder if my drinks were chilled enough, the digital display showed the exact temperature, taking the guesswork out of the equation.
  • Smartphone app control: Although I have found the app to be a bit patchy (it continuously lost connection to my phone), I still hope that future updates will resolve this problem and let me monitor and adjust temperature seamlessly.
BODEGA 48 QT Cooler Portable Freezer TWW45
  • Volume: 48-quart (45 liters)
  • Ratings: 4.8⭐ out of 35 reviews on Bodega Coolers; 4.3⭐ out of 1403 reviews on Amazon

How It Compares With Other Portable Fridges

BODEGA 48 QT TWW45 Portable Freezer Vs BougeRV 30 Quart Fridge

  • Similarities: This unit and the one from BougeRV share various similarities. These include three-stage battery protection, vents at the sides to facilitate heat dissipation, and a rugged build that could withstand years of rough use.
  • Where the BODEGA 48-quart fares better: The partition in the BODEGA 48-quart is much better at preventing heat transfer between both compartments. Also, it has a bigger capacity (48 quarts vs. 30) and has four cup slots on the lid.
  • Where the BOUGERV 30-Quart fares better: Since this fridge has a smaller capacity, it weighs lighter and is thus easier to carry. Another benefit is that it comes with a 2+1 year warranty (provided you buy it from the official website).

BODEGA 48 QT TWW45 Portable Freezer Vs Dometic CFX3 95

  • Similarities: Both these freezer coolers come with iOS and Android apps for temperature control and monitoring. A digital display is another thing that is common between the two. Plus, both have drain plugs for easy cleaning.
  • Where the BODEGA 48-QT fares better: In addition to being significantly more affordable, the TWW45 is much lighter and thus easier to carry and store. It also offers a detachable battery, while the CFX3 95 relies on external power sources.
  • Where the Dometic CFX3 95 fares better: Its extended capacity (94 quarts vs 48 quarts) makes the CFX3 95 a much better choice for extended trips. Compatibility with solar panels and a 5-year warranty further give it an edge over the TWW45.