Hike Time Calculator

Hike Time Calculator

Try the hike time calculator and find out how long your next hike will take. This tool will help you calculate your average hiking speed depending on the distance and elevation gain of the hiking trail. It also accounts for factors like surface conditions, your carry weight, and your usual hiking pace.

This walking times calculator is based on Naismith’s rule with a few added helpful adjustments. It will allow you to plan your next trip more accurately and compare it against other trails that have different stats. After you get your result, you can also share it with your friends who will join you on your trails.

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How To Use the Hike Time Calculator

  • Your hiking speed: you can adjust your hiking speed depending on your preferred pace while on a trail. You should also consider your activity when choosing the pace, as backpacking usually is a lot slower than day-hiking or trail running.
  • Surface conditions: set your surface conditions depending on the terrain. Flat forest trails are usually great to hike on, while loose scree or rocks would fall under difficult or very complex surface conditions.
  • Carry weight: adjust the calculator’s carry weight depending on how much gear you are carrying with you. Set heavy to very heavy for backpacking or trekking and ultra light to average for trail running or day-hiking.
  • Imperial/Metric: you can choose the measurement system that works for you.

What is Naismith’s Rule?

According to Wikipedia, Naismith’s rule calculates how long it will take to hike a trail, and accounts for the additional time it takes if you are walking uphill. The modern version of Naismith’s rule is often formulated as: “Allow one hour for every 3 miles (5 km) forward, plus an additional hour for every 2,000 feet (600 m) of ascent.

What is the Average Hiking Speed of a Person?

According to the UK’s Ramblers, the average hiking speed of a person is around 2.5 mi (4 km) per hour, without stops. If you like this detail, you should also check out these amazing facts about camping, wildlife & wilderness.

A Quick Table of Average Hiking Times

Use this table to find out how long does it take to hike various distances depending on the elevation gain. For this table, I have used the settings of regular hiking speed, okay surface conditions and average carry weight. In my opinion, these are the most common hiking conditions I have encountered.

The “easy hike” was calculated as a trail without any elevation gain, the “average hike” was calculated with 1650 ft (500 m) elevation gain, and the “strenuous hike” was calculated with 3300 ft (1000 m) elevation gain. Use the hike time calculator if you want to check the distances using different adjustments.

Hike DistanceEasy hike takesAverage hike takesStrenuous hike takes
1 mi23 min1 h 22 min2 h 21 min
2 mi46 min1 h 45 min2 h 45 min
3 mi1 h 9 min2 h 9 min3 h 8 min
4 mi1 h 32 min2 h 32 min3 h 31 min
5 mi1 h 56 min2 h 55 min3 h 54 min
6 mi2 h 19 min3 h 18 min4 h 18 min
7 mi2 h 42 min3 h 41 min4 h 41 min
8 mi3 h 5 min4 h 5 min5 h 4 min
9 mi3 h 29 min4 h 28 min5 h 27 min
10 mi3 h 52 min4 h 51 min5 h 51 min
15 mi5 h 48 min6 h 47 min7 h 47 min
20 mi7 h 44 min8 h 43 min9 h 43 min
This table shows you how long it takes to hike trails from 1 to 20 miles

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